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Here Come TSRFC Updates, Here Come TSRFC Updates, Right Down TSRFC Lane

Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame

The Rugby Ontario Hall of Fame was last Saturday, December 6th. Two Scottish, Robert Jenkins and Mike Williams, were inducted along with Ian MacMillan, Karl Svoboda, and Phil White. It was a great night for all. Congratulations to Robert and Mike! Read more about the inductees here, and view some of the pictures from the evening here.

RO Certificate of Achievement 2014-7 players

The Rugby Ontario AGM was Sunday, December 7th and the Scottish were presented with a Certificate of Achievement for having seven players represent Ontario in 2014: Creag Johnston, Tim Richardson, Pat Richardson, Ryan Chapman, Joe Ginsberg, Spencer Allen, and Louise Chen. The Scottish couldn’t be prouder!

The recap for both the Rugby Ontario AGM and Hall of Fame weekend can be read here.

The Imports v Domestics Hockey Game

Saturday, December 27th, 12-2pm at UCC, $20/person for the ice.
Domestics are encouraged to bring any extra equipment to loan out to the Imports, as most arrive on a wooden ship only with an empty bottle of whiskey. Helmets required!  Fans are encouraged to come and support your team.  Let’s go Imports!!

Head to the Kent afterwards for some well-deserved drinks. They will be putting out platters for us starting around 3:30pm.

 Scottish AGM

Mark your calendars! The Scottish AGM will be held Tuesday, January 20th at 7pm at the Duke of Kent. There are still positions available, so do your club some good and volunteer!  Contact Cathy if you’re interested in joining the Board for 2015.

Social/Events Calendar

We’ve made some updates on the website! We’ve tidied up our Sponsors page and have added a Social/Events Calendar which will include everything that’s separate from our game schedules.  Be sure to give both pages a visit!


Very Happy Holidays to You and Yours! Travel safely, and be well.


Nothing is possible without our sponsors; click on either logo to give them a well-deserved visit. If you’re interested in becoming a sponsor of TSRFC, please visit our Sponsorship page here or email our Club President.

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