Aug 22, 5 years ago

It’s a grand old team to play for!’s a grand old team to play for!

Remember when the rafters rang after the games as we celebrated yet another victory?

It was halcyon days for the Toronto Scottish and especially for our revered coach Hal Rowan. We plied him with drinks, hung onto his every word and gleefully acknowledged that he was the protagonist supreme, to our success. What a popular guy he was.

Well, bygone days have come back to haunt our dear old friend in the worst possible way. He sits lonely and forgotten by many, in a not very nice nursing home. His telephone remains silent and his visitors are few and far between. Banished to a wheelchair because of his paralysis, he must wonder why there are hundreds, if not thousands, of the Toronto Scottish Alumni who never phone him, neglect to visit and are unwilling to take him for lunch or a drink.

300x185_hal01There are a few of us who care and significantly Halsey Bradford, who takes Hal out for a drink every Sunday afternoon. However, for the most part, the great number of people that Hal valued as friends, have made little or no contact in the past 2 ½ years.

Hal’s brain is just as sharp as it ever was. To embrace his powers of recall, ebullience and congeniality is, as always, a heartwarming and gratifying experience. A visit is not only a boost to our old pal’s morale, it also brings joy to those of us in his presence.

This is an Alumni S.O.S. Please phone Hal, visit him, take him for lunch by wheeling him to a nearby café or take him for a drink, or all of these. His regular mealtimes are 12 noon and 5:00 pm.

Hal’s address is:
Cedar Vale Terrace
429 Walmer Road
Toronto ON M5P 2X9
Tel: 416-792-1869

*Walmer Road is just west of Spadina and north of St. Clair. It is within close walking distance of the St. Clair W. subway station and is on the St. Clair streetcar route. There is parking on the street.

If you live in a condominium or have a house that is easily accessible, Hal can visit by means of Wheel Trans. Invite him to dinner.

So don’t ask someone else “How’s Hal doing”? You be the one to let everyone know that you are in touch and that you really care, and never forget “It’s a Grand Old Team to Play For”.

Tony Moscrop
Secretary, Toronto Scottish Alumni

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