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Janyne Afseth – Our Unsung Scottish Hero Afseth – Our Unsung Scottish Hero

Though we quote Janyne Afseth as an international player on our website – and that she was – little is known about how she managed such an Janyne Afsethachievement.

Janyne was an original TSRFC player; she was the foundation of what was and is a vital part of the club. Her rugby skill did not go unnoticed here, but as we all do playing for the Toronto Scottish, she felt the need to travel and ground herself in our motherland. Leaving for Scotland in the mid-nineties, she ended up staying, working, and finding her home. We should all be so lucky.

With what was surely an excruciating effort, Janyne found herself capped as an international player for Scotland. On March 21st, 1998, she battled with her countrymates against world-champion England at Inverleith. Like every good Scot, she fought knowing that losing was not an option – especially against their rivalled foe to the south. In a late-game comeback, Janyne and the Scottish found themselves with a tremendous 8-5 victory.

Past TSRFC President Antony Cunningham and his wife Rena had the pleasure of seeing her play that day, and during a post-game interview, upon noticing them approach her, Janyne embraced the two with such passion and fervour because “her club” had came to see her play.

“Her Club” is your Toronto Scottish.

Perhaps if we were all to embody her enthusiasm and love for the game, let alone her love for the club, championship-winning seasons won’t seem so evasive.

To read the full Scottish clipping, click and expand the above image.

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