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Montreal Tour 2014

Montreal Tour 2014

As we do every year of late, the Toronto Scottish travelled to La Belle Provence to battle the Montreal Irish. This year was different however, as the Scottish women also made the trip, citing they “wanted to show the men how a real side tours”. On Friday afternoon, both teams met at the trusty Kent, and nothing but healthy and sound decisions were made going forward.

Unlike Braveheart, the Scottish and Irish did not join forces. The women led the charge and dominated the first half of rugby, essentially chasing the Irish off of their own pitch. The second half proved to be more of a battle, as perhaps some of the previous night’s occurrences had begun to rear their ugly head. Acknowledging losing wasn’t an option, the women succeeded with an outstanding 45-35 victory. Great job ladies.

Knowing the torture that would ensue if they lost, the men continued the trend with a commanding first half performance. The Irish were no match for the speed, ball movement, and stand-up defence of the Scottish. Unfortunately, the men also faltered in the second half, where penalty troubles and fitness put the team in some hot water. The better team still prevailed with a triumphant 45-26 win.

Featuring fantastic gnome apparel, the Scottish traveled to Hurley’s Pub who provided us with exceptional food and drink. It was there that Gizelle Panton and Duncan McIlroy received their (wo)man of the match awards, as both had their stiff-arms working all game. The night ended at Tokyo, who immediately ejected you if you didn’t barrel roll or somersault into the bar; or at least, that’s what we were told.

Overall, the club enjoyed a successful and fulfilling trip that was, needless to say, a prelude to the upcoming season. Some would even go as far to say “what a bunch of winners”.

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