Dec 1, 2 years ago

St. Andrew’s Awards Banquet Winners

Congratulations to our 2015 winners:

Men’s 1st xv:
MVP: Rahim Dharamsi
MIP: Brandon Kostyk
1st xv Captain (Mike Homer Award): Dan Gordon

Men’s 2nd xv:
MVP: Matt Wolfe
MIP: Jonathan Ezer

Men’s 3rd xv:
MVP: Pearce Knight
MIP: Trevor Cook

Men’s Player’s Player: Rahim Dharamsi

Women’s 1st xv:
MVP: Carolynna Gabriel
MIP: Carly Cook
1st xv Captain (Ann Hebert Award): Carolynna Gabriel

Women’s 2nd xv:
MVP: Christina Angelakis
MIP: Mia Palantzas

Women’s Player’s Player: Fiona Boyd

Boys MVP (Michael McCreight Award) – Quenton Mclean-Lavado
Girls MVP (Carolyn McIntosh Award) – Mia Palantzas/Cristine Chao

Howie Hoag Award for overall club commitment, work ethic, leadership, and mentorship:
Eddie Sun

President’s Trophy for off-field club contributions: Olly Lowis

An amazing time was had by all. Extended thanks goes to Duke Pubs/The Duke of Westminster for being simply outstanding hosts. Also to Paige Stewart for the phenomenal photography!

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