St. Andrew’s Dinner

Scottish 3

Ever year, the Toronto Scottish Rugby Football Club celebrate and honour St. Andrew, just as the Scots in our Motherland do.  We present a number of well-deserved awards to our players and members for their actions both on and off the pitch. Winners are elected through recommendation and peer voting, so every trophy is truly a representation of something great. The formal ceremony is held around St. Andrew’s Day, which is November 30th, and all are welcome and encouraged to attend at the Duke of Westminster.

Congratulations to our 2015 winners:

Men’s 1st xv:
MVP: Rahim Dharamsi
MIP: Brandon Kostyk
1st xv Captain (Mike Homer Award): Dan Gordon

Men’s 2nd xv:
MVP: Matt Wolfe
MIP: Jonathan Ezer

Men’s 3rd xv:
MVP: Pearce Knight
MIP: Trevor Cook

Men’s Player’s Player: Rahim Dharamsi

Women’s 1st xv:
MVP: Carolynna Gabriel
MIP: Carly Cook
1st xv Captain (Ann Hebert Award): Carolynna Gabriel

Women’s 2nd xv:
MVP: Christina Angelakis
MIP: Mia Palantzas

Women’s Player’s Player: Fiona Boyd

Boys MVP (Michael McCreight Award) – Quenton Mclean-Lavado
Girls MVP (Carolyn McIntosh Award) – Mia Palantzas/Cristine Chao

Howie Hoag Award for overall club commitment, work ethic, leadership, and mentorship:
Eddie Sun

President’s Trophy for off-field club contributions: Olly Lowis

An amazing time was had by all. Extended thanks goes to Duke Pubs/The Duke of Westminster for being simply outstanding hosts. Also to Paige Stewart for the phenomenal photography!