May 21, 4 years ago

The Power of the White Jerseys

The Power of the White Jerseys

After a pretty excruciating effort to get the games played, the men’s first and second teams kicked off against Brantford at Birchmount Stadium. The Scottish knew what was at stake; this was, after all, the team that laid the path to the exit of their run for the McCormick Cup. Nerves, tensions, and emotions were noticeable, but controlled. The composition of the Scottish was held with sound leadership and the ample numbers that showed to play and support each squad.

Excited to start the season with gumption and pace, the second team routed Brantford 69-7. What was most impressive wasn’t the offence, but the unbelievable Scottish ability to constantly keep the ball in the Harlequins half. The talent on the field was some of the best the side had seen in years, and each new face is more than welcome, especially if we can maintain that result.

The first team took the pitch in brand new kit. The white jerseys shined like the Scottish pride, and the results showed. A stunning 47-0 victory gave the side the confidence that maybe, just maybe, this is the start to what will be our year. Again, the Scottish defence was the pinnacle for what was the perfect way to start a season.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better start. Two huge wins. All the new players fitting in very well with the squads.  Forwards excelling at the scrums and lineouts…naturally.” Damian Douglas, Men’s Director and First XV Assistant Captain.

“Great result from both Scottish men’s teams. There’s always things to work on and improve, but we can’t dwell on Brantford’s results for too long. Already looking forward to the next job assignment against Stoney Creek. However looking forward to the Toronto Scottish Development/Academy squad with their first preseason game on May 15 versus the Buccaneers.” Eddie Sun, Men’s Program Head Coach.

To say the least, the Scottish need to avoid the traps of hubris; but, let’s take that emotion and carry it onto every pitch we step on.

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1st XV Photos

2nd XV Photos

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