Oct 24, 3 years ago

The Type of Day Where History is Made

The Type of Day Where History is Made

After seven months of excruciating efforts and hard work, both the men’s 1st and 2nd team vie to become Cup Champions. While the 2nds look to repeat last year’s performance, the 1s look toward winning what they haven’t had a chance to since 1977.

Tomorrow’s schedule:

Ontario Regional U 15 boys VII’S K.O. 10:30 am

Intermediate Cup: Nomads v Burlington K.O.10:30 am

Gee Gage Consolation Final: Barbarians v Oakville K.O. 10:30 am

Gee Gage Final: Scottish II v Balmy Beach II K.O. 12:30 pm – ORU Field

McCormick Cup Consolation Final: London v Waterloo K.O. 12:30 pm

McCormick Cup Grand Final: Scottish v Balmy Beach K.O. 2:30 pm – Nomads Field

Piper Billy Boulet-Gagnon will introduce the teams at 12:18 and 2:18

Just in case you needed proof, here’s the Globe article highlighting the Scottish dominance (yet loss) in the Carling Cup Final

TSRFC 1977 Carling Cup report

And here’s a preview of tomorrow’s TSRFC home-grown program to guide the spectator’s through the match:

TSRFC McCormick Cup Finals Program

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