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Soccer World Cup Rep? Pf. Try Repping Your Provincial Rugby Team

Soccer World Cup Rep? Pf. Try Repping Your Provincial Rugby Team

TSRFC has a long history of sending our players to National and Provincial levels, and thanks to the women’s starting XV fullback Lou Chen, this year is no different.

We all get the question a lot – why rugby? If you don’t play it, you don’t understand. It’s like asking why we all take our shirts off at the bar; all you can do is shake your head, because it’s an unanswerable question. You just know. For Lou Chen, however, it’s the intensity and aggression that’s so inherently tied to the sport that draws her. But more specifically, it’s how the tenacity and belligerence must be so intelligently
channeled into the chess game that is rugby. You know, the type of chess that involves torn MCL’s and separated shoulders.

Lou joined the TSRFC women at their peak, and in playing with those who at the time represented our country, she quickly gained the sharp eye and mindfulness that’s required of the game we love so much. The skill and talents of the club matched no other at the time, and needless to say, the Scottish became family. Ontario was a natural move for her; the level of competition and ability demands you challenge yourself and raise your game above and beyond what you thought was possible. “Playing at the Provincial level is a huge opportunity for me because you really have no choice but to play up to all the fantastic female athletes around you.”

While being grateful for where she is, Canada has always been a glimmering hope in the back of her mind; a glimmering hope that’s transforming into much more of a reality. “I’m really looking forward to playing in nationals this year with the Ontario team, and if something more comes from it, then all the better. If not I’ll be happy with what I’ve accomplished up to this point regardless.”

As if she wasn’t classy enough, more than anything, she looks forward to being able to pass her knowledge onto the next generation of TSRFC women to continue their winning tradition. Good luck Lou – go get ’em.

You can catch her July 30 and 31 at Twin Elms Rugby Park in Ottawa versus the Atlantic and Quebec teams. Check the National Women’s League schedule and info here.

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