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June 22, 2019 3:00 pm Marshall 1 2019

Game Recap

Man of the Match: Scott Cole

A great solid performance from the 1st XV this weekend, with a couple people returning from injury.

Ajax opened the scoring with a shot in front of the sticks within the first 5 minutes of the game, but the Scottish responded in kind 2 minutes later with a try and convert. Scotty Cole was on point with his man of the match converts, hitting 6 for 6 from the field from near impossible angles.

The scoring did not stop, with Adam Ehnshan bagging a handful of tries as the result of good work around the park. We maintained the shape and structure throughout the first half and much of the second while, Ajax struggled to match the pace – phase after phase the Scottish moved the ball from one edge to another shedding Ajax defenders in the process. By the half the Scottish were up 30 points.

After the break the Scottish continued to march the Ajax defenders into their half, but were unable to complete the build up during certain spells of play. To Ajax’s credit they continued to pound the defensive line, carrying 2-3 Scottish defenders in the process giving up more yards than we needed to – luckily the clock was our friend.

By the end it was a good impressive win for the team – Mark Ince played solid minutes, along with Ben Bridge to combine for the 1-2 combination at 9. However we need to temper our win, knowing we leaked 27 points and having played teams in the bottom of the table in the last 2 weeks. The objectives going forward are to work on a complete game, and with the Irish in 2 weeks it will be a measure for us to see if we are truly “contenders” or just “pretenders” making up the numbers. The Scottish need a scalp.

Coach Ed

Scott Cole, our wiley Aussie, was our Man of the Match in our 1st XV game vs Ajax Wanderers that resulted in a 64-27 victory. Scotty was a force as always, but absolutely defied geometry going 6/6 on nearly impossible conversions.


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