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July 20, 2019 3:00 pm Marshall 1 2019

Game Recap

Man of the Match: Caleb Remington

Kick off temperature was 34 degrees, with the humidity it was 42.

These were the same conditions that we saw last year when we played Burlington – and the Barbarians having won the previous week, were looking for another scalp. The Barbarians strung together the first try of the game, with a new look team while the Scottish didn’t touch the ball within the first 10 minutes of the opening kick.

Soon the Scottish began to work and put their stamp on the game, treating themselves to 4 tries before the half. The Scottish had good ball movement and yards after contact, all the while collecting defenders on the way making easy work in getting through the defences.

Marcello Wainwright had 4 line busts to get into the Barbarians backfield, but had trouble converting the yards into points. Caleb Remington had an outstanding game, doing the hard work around the breakdowns and the tackling in open play.

Towards the end of the game we began to play too loose with the ball, forcing the forwards to work extra hard in an already exhausting game. We lost connection between the pods and the game ended more tiring than it needed to be. However, we won – trying to keep ahead of Peterborough who are in hot pursuit for 1st place, whom we will meet in 3 weeks time. Should be a great game – but next week we have the Nomads at Eglinton Flats…. another interesting game.

Coach Ed

Man of the Match: Caleb Remington
Man of the Match Caleb Remington. The big man put on an impressive display using sheer grit and his wealth of experience for a much deserved MOM during a dangerously hot day.


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