Date Time League Season
June 15, 2019 1:00 pm OWL 1 2019

Game Recap

The 1st 10 minutes of the game foretold a good day ahead by unfortunately, this prediction proved false. The Scottish were humbled on game day not by a better team, but by a lack of commitment as a group, to tackling. While in tight defence was generally good, out wide we let the Barbs dictate the game and this resulted in a large loss.

We spoke as a group post game of what needs to be addressed. All parties know, from coach down, what needs to be done and all have accepted their role in moving forward.
We know we are a better team than the last two games have shown and as a group, we have committed to showing this on the pitch in the weeks to come.

One last word – All the best to Jordo, a sorely missed onfield player this year and our assistant coach and all-round “great gal”, who is going in for a shoulder operation on Monday. All the best Jordo – love from us all and see around the fields soon.

Woman of the Match
There were moments on Saturday where the team we can be (and are) were on display and many of these moments were led by one of the veterans of the club – Caro Lynna. Confidence, calmness and support of those around her, were accentuated by the aggressive attitude to the game we are lacking as a group. Great defence and powerful running lines and leading by example were a highlight of her game and a well-deserve WOM!


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