Date Time League Season
July 20, 2019 1:30 pm Marshall 2 2019

Game Recap

Man of the Match:

The 2nd XV were on fire in the first 20 minutes of the game trading punch for punch, blow for blow in a wild opening. Good go forward by much of the pack and some good ball handling in the backline had the “senior” Barbarians on the defensive.

The lack in accuracy of the Scottish tackling made more work for the boys to ink another “W” in the win column – but with some timely substitutions, the second half took on another shape. The Scottish kept the Barbs off the scoreboard, while piling on another 2 tries.

Gerard Doherty slotted a few from the sidelines and was on point for most of his shots at goal. Chase Harrsion had another great game, challenging defenders with ball in hand and covering the mid field with his defensive prowess. This game also saw Adam Alaica back with the club – carrying his weight in his first game back.

Good work boys – Nomads are next in the cards. Let’s keep the momentum going.

Coach Ed

Man of the Match: Tristan Castro
Man of the Match Tristan Castro. This budding carpenter built himself a solid MOM performance with his work rate and versatility on a dangerously hot day.


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