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September 7, 2019 3:00 pm Marshall 1 2019

Game Recap

Man of the Match: Matt Wolfe

Not quite the scoreline that we were looking for – hoping to have a little bit more resistance from Ajax, but they honoured the fixture and worked hard around the corner that gave us a bit of trouble at times.

The Ajax game, we were hoping to be tested before the Irish next week, but with missed opportunities with ill timed knock ons and turnovers, we were our own worst enemy again. The boys worked hard throughout the game, but we started to see some of the bad habits creeping into the play as the game began to break open.

Adam Alaica, Patrick Carl, Ted Hilmer, Will Guest, Gareth Williams, Stephen Boecke made appearances for the 1s, contributing to the scoreline and around the paddock. It is good that the club can come together and put out the depth that we have to ensure we have both starters and finishers for our regular season and post season to come.

At this point it’s really about mindset – if we are truly contenders for the McCormack Cup and the Gee Gage Cup, then we need to be disciplined within ourselves, to be a little more clinical and aware of what we need to do around the park. We play our best rugby when we are tested and next week will be no different as we play the Irish for first place overall and home field advantage, during the playoffs. Huge significance for both 1s and 2s.

Good work – let’s go and finish the job against the Irish! 5 more games after this… empty the tank!!!”

Coach Ed

Man of the Match: Matt Wolfe
Our much respected Men’s 1st XV Captain, Matt Wolfe is this weeks and last weeks Man of the Match! Wolfie has been leading the troops from the front. His work rate, leadership and skill have been admirable. Wolfie has also been the much needed calm within the storm when heads got hot.


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