Date Time League Season
June 15, 2019 3:00 pm Marshall 1 2019

Game Recap

Woodburn Cup holders

Man of the Match: Ben Johnstone and Max Fryer – tied

No video this week. Firstly these games would not have been possible if it wasn’t for those working in behind the scenes helping the club move forward with the season – Mark Harris – take a bow for getting the club the fields.

A bit of a skeleton crew at the moment with 12 players on the injury reserve – so it was a bit of a scratch selection up until 2 hours prior to kick off. Huge kudos to Scott Cole and Brendan Kostyk for combining in the 10, 12 spot. We had to make adjustments around the park.

Will Devane captained the squad this week and the objective wasn’t necessarily about winning (but it was high on the list), however it was ensuring that we had the cohesion that we needed to play to the standards that we expected from ourselves.

The first half we controlled both the territory and possession, not letting the Nomads getting a sniff of our line, apart from the intercept try in the first 10 minutes of the game. The Scottish took over at that point and really played to the system that we chose this week for the Nomads. Set piece scrums were dominant and lineouts were efficient – which set us up for the bulk of the scoring in the 1st half. Ben and Max combined well, worked hard on both attack and defence in both halves of the field.

The second half is where we started to veer off course, albeit slightly, due to our own mistakes. We committed 23 turnovers in the game. Generally 24 is our upper limit if we are to succeed. In comparison in 2018 against Burlington we conceded 32 turnovers, and Peterborough in 2019 we conceded 28 – both losses. If the Nomads had some finish to them, this game would have been a lot closer. In the end, the boys needed to trust our system which is designed to build the phases and strike when the opportunity arises.

Despite the number of changes – the boys put in a gutsy shift! We are thankful for the win, and we look forward to Ajax next Saturday and the Irish in 2 weeks time.


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