Date Time League Season
June 27, 2019 7:00 pm OWL 1 2019

Game Recap

Woman of the Match: The “Fabulous” Khadi

It is sooooooo close. You could feel it up until about 15 mins into the second half.

The Scottish came out strong in the first 10 minutes, using support play and adopting a fierce attitude towards defence as well as attack. We had the Saracens on the back foot with great structured play and good use of hands to see us score early with a try from Khadi off a great set piece.
An error led to the Saracens gaining our territory and punching in a replying try but then we went back to work and off more of great support play, Robyn, also not 100% (see WOM report) scored a great try under the posts.

From here, we became our own worst enemy by gifting the Saracens the ball and territory. Too many basic errors put the team under un needed pressure. Though the “thinking” was good, the execution let us down at times and as frustrating as it was, I’d rather see thought and attempts than not (“I’d rather try than sit behind and be a loser” – Daniel Ricciardo F1 driver) – and I will always support the girls when they push themselves!

But… this self-made pressure also tested our defence against a very hard running team and the girls stood the test! The Saracens were definitely in a game as the pace started getting to them. It was 12 – 12 at half and our game if we wanted it.

Second half started as we wanted, with a great line busts down into their 22 but again, our errors gave them hope and they took advantage of that and marched back down field. Defence was stellar but you can only hold so long on your line, for so long.

All tries score by the Saracens came from no more than 10 meters out. Brute force in close was all they could deliver but to their credit it was enough. A great individual run by Khadi led to a great off load to Lauren for a third try but we had given the Saracens too much space on the score board to claw back.

The game was ours until 10 minutes in the second half. We gifted the opposition territory and they are a team who will exploit errors as they did last night.

We played with a fierce determination. Defence was superb. No one backed down and we left a physical mark on the opposition. We could all feel I: and we all liked that feeling. We know its there and it is close. It will be all the more satisfying at a certain time later in the season!

Special mention to Zoey who came on with fresh legs and tore them up; Liv who almost imploded through her physical exertion; Alyssa who came on late and hit hard as requested; Caro Lynna who “buried” people in her tackles; Promise who also played while being ill and Mia………who ran herself into heart exhaustion but would have played on had we not pulled her from the field.

Hearts the size of lions ladies!

Coach Don

Woman of the Match: Khadi
Woman of the Match: Khadi. Despite being a bit under the weather, Khadi had another strong game. Making many great runs, tackling like a mad person and setting up Lauren for a beautiful try after some very nifty foot work. Khadi goes from strength to strength each game.



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