Date Time League Season
June 15, 2019 1:30 pm Marshall 2 2019

Game Recap

Man of the Match: Tristan Castro

After a bit of a slow start, the 2’s found their “mojo” and really decided to play rugby in the second half.
In the first 40 minutes the team absorbed a lot of pressure, but managed to keep close with 1 try a piece, with Joseph Samuel dotting over the line on the far left, assisted by Devan Hunter, who has come back to the club.

The defense folded well across the field and made the tackles in crucial points to keep us in the game, but again – much like the 1st XV, we turned over the ball in the most inopportune time when on attack. The forwards stood their ground at set piece, packing down to a much heavier pack. Kudos goes to Tom Gormley who worked hard in his first start with the 2nd XV at prop.
With several players on the injury list, the 2nd XV held together to put in a massive effort in the 2nd half. Mark Ince pushed the pace of the game, by moving the ball away from the breakdowns earlier and the Nomads found themselves on the back foot. Eventually they were steam rolled with the Scottish racking a few more tries to pull away.

The 2nd XV have a bit more tools in the toolbox with the addition of speed and some kicking prowess off the tee. This is the first time this season that both the 2nd XV and the 1st XV won the day….
Looking forward in keeping the momentum going. I am also hoping to get healthy bodies back to the club.

Coach Ed


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