Date Time League Season
June 22, 2019 11:30 am OWL 2 2019

Game Recap

Woman of the Match: Lois Adrienne Sy

With Niagara travelling to Fletchers and the Scottish being hit with some last minute injuries, the 2’s game went ahead as 10 on 10. We were lucky that only a few 1sts starters needed to step in to help but really, our girls had it under control.

Alyssa was devastating in defence and left a few of the Niagara girls reeling after her hits. Shania continues to shine – as she did in the firsts game – with great runs and a hidden strength on the stiff arms. Jen led, as a captain should, by example with great runs and defence and Lois also stepped up to help guide some of our newer girls to the game. Insia, who showed up Thursday night and hadn’t played in 3 years, showed a turn of speed that left the opposition in her wake and she is a welcome addition to the squad!

Special mention goes to Amanda who had an outstanding game at 9 and when her self-confidence matches her talent she will be an absolute force on the pitch.

Coach Don

Lois Adrienne Sy (top left) was our WOM in our 2nd XV game. Lois stood out for helping guide some newer rugby players.


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