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Toronto Scottish Women

TSRFC WoMen's Rugby

Toronto Scottish Rugby Women’s Team was established in 1992 and has a long and proud history. From grassroots rugby players to Canada representatives, the women’s team offers anyone who is interested in the game of rugby an opportunity to test their skills – whatever level they may be.

Be it simple social rugby with a competitive edge or wanting to build your skills as you look at higher level rugby, the Toronto Scottish Women’s team has in place the resources to assist you. For those maybe “lacing up the boots” for the first time, we offer a friendly and welcoming environment where coaches and senior players alike will be there to guide you on your rugby adventure.

With a mix of experienced players to provide mentorship to the younger and newer players, the senior women’s leadership welcomes all skills levels with open arms. There is a place for every body type and fitness level with the Toronto Scottish Women’s rugby team – come meet some fantastic people and join a vibrant social scene!